This is a copy of a Magic sheet I used for a dance concert. Having a sheet like this at the Tech table during rehearsals is invaluable for creating cues on-the-fly.

The entire left column, except to the bottom box, is a vertical representation of sidelight. Let’s take a closer look: the top two boxes represent pipe end units hanging on the overhead electrics.

Please note that each box represents three sets of wings. The third and fourth box down represent the highest sidelight from on top of the booms in the wings. The fifth and six boxes down represent the mids; these would be at about chest high. The seventh and eighth boxes down represent Shin busters. Just as the name implies, these are at the height that you bust your shins when you dance off in the wings.

The first box down in the center and the right column represent diagonal backlight.

The second box down in the center and right columns represent backlight.

The third box down in the center column represents down light areas.

The third box down in the right column represents front fill light.

The large fourth box down the center column represent a pattern/gobo specials.

The large fourth box down in the right column are for lighting units with gobo rotators. This circle has lighting unit channel and the triangle has the gobo rotator unit channel.

Under the two large boxes are symbols representing a Cyc and a scrim.
the very bottom section is for specials, curtain warmers, and footlights.

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