The Handbook of Painted Decoration: The Tools, Materials, and Step-By-Step Techniques of Trompe-L'Oeil Painting  by Yannick Guegan, Roger Le Puil (Author)

`The Handbook of Painted Decoration' by Yannick Guegan and Roger Le Puil is an excellent reference book for experienced decorative painters.


Professional Painted Finishes: A Guide to the Art and Business of Decorative Painting  by Ina Brosseau Marx,Allen Marx, Robert Marx (Author)

One lovely feature of this volume is that it shows the real material that inspired different faux finishes next to the excellent painted imitations. After extensive coverage of all aspects of getting started (tools and materials, preparation, safety concerns, and design and color considerations), and of working with glazes, there are dozens of detailed recipes for various marble and graining effects.


Creative Paint Finishes for the Home (Hardcover)  by Phillip C. Myer (Author)

Being an articulate person, yet not an interior decorator, I found this book most useful. After buying a new home, a budget to fix it was minimal. Yet, I faux painted walls and used furniture in techniques that I would never have believed.


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